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At least one person was severely injured after an accident that took place in Prince William County on Saturday, April 7th. Reports from the prince William Police Department do not offer much in the way of details regarding the incident, and most of what we know comes from a small report made via the PWCPDs Twitter account and subsequently rehashed in several news outlets in Northern Virginia and the greater D.C. Area.

This report tells us that the incident happened along Dumfries Road and that it took place during mid-morning, around 9:00. Three separate cars were involved in the collision, and the resulting clean-up operation conducted by the police and other first responders required that the road remain closed during the several hours that followed the crash.

First responders were called in by either one of the participants in the crash or a nearby witness. When they arrived, they found that at least one of the people involved in the collision had suffered from serious injuries. Due to the extent of these injuries, the Prince William County rescue team called in a helicopter to retrieve them. This person was then flown out of Prince William County and into Fairfax County where it seems a hospital exists that possesses the appropriate facilities to assist the person in their recovery.

At the time of this writing, it is not clear if the badly injured individual was able to recover from the collision or if they are still convalescing inside of the hospital. The full extent of this individuals injuries is also not clear, and it is possible that they are still being treated as a severe injury case.

The place where this collision occurred lies along a portion of Dumfries Road that sits close to the intersection of Dumfries Road and Minnieville Road. Technically inside of the city limits of Manassas, the causes of the crash are currently under investigation by officers and detectives with the Prince William County Police Department. None of the other individuals involved in the collision were injured enough to require hospitalization, and it was not immediately clear if any other injuries had been reported at all.