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Two cars collided in Vienna on Monday, March 26th, as they were traveling during the day’s lunch hour close to Maple Avenue West and Lawyers Road Northwest. An official report from the Vienna Police Department indicates that the rear-end collision happened during a period when the intersection of Lawyers Road and Maple Avenue was congested and drivers were forced to keep a continuous eye on the road ahead of them in order to adequately respond to the road changes happening around them. 

Into this scene drove the two cars already mentioned at the beginning of our summary of the Vienna Police Department’s official report.

The report stated that both of these vehicles were traveling down the southern lanes of Maple Avenue West. Both cars were also in the leftmost lane of travel, although we do not know if either of the vehicles was planning on making a turn off of Maple and onto Lawyers Road. The collision took place while the first vehicle was completely stopped in the traffic that had been continually starting and stopping for some time.

The driver of the second car told the responding officers that they were traveling too close behind the first car, and that when the first car stopped they were unable to stop themselves before the front of their car collided with the rear of the first car. The report indicated that the car’s collision primarily affected the bumper’s of the two vehicles.

At the time of this writing, it is not clear if either of the two drivers were injured in the incident. It is also not clear if there were other people inside of either car when the collision occurred or if the drivers were each the sole inhabitant of their particular vehicle.

Officers who arrived at the scene conducted a preliminary investigation and it is believed that their results proved that neither alcohol nor excessive speed were responsible for the crash. The driver of the second car is likely being taken at their word that the collision resulted from their following too closely and failure to respond properly to the sudden change of the traffic flow.