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It was during the morning commute on Wednesday, April 4th, that four separate cars were traveling down Richmond Highway in the Fairfax County city of Lorton. An initial report from the Fairfax County Fire Department warned motorists attempting to drive through the area to seek out alternate routes as the crash stretched across the turnpike and resulted in the closure of travel spanning across both the north and southern sides.

The report went on to say that crash, which may or may not have regulated in injuries, required the closure of all the lanes headed north and at least one of the southern lanes. Also closed was a ramp from Interstate 95 to the northbound lanes of Route 1. While the crash reconstruction teams worked at the site, delays and congestion stretched back along the highway for almost four miles.

Regarding the collision itself, the reports from the Fairfax County Fire Department admit to either not knowing or not being able to share all of the information surrounding the incident. Emergency calls began coming in at close to 7:30 in the morning, but it is not clear if the calls originated from witnesses to the collision or if the calls were coming from those who were involved in the crash.

It is clear that four cars total were implicated in the crash and that there were at least two individuals who required advanced emergency assistance to escape from the vehicles in question. The report did not indicate whether or not any of those involved had suffered from serious injuries or if there were any injuries at all. It is also not clear if anyone was inside of the four cars other than the drivers.

Most of the long delays at the scene of the incident were the result of the work of the crash reconstruction team with Fairfax County. These individuals seek to put all of the pieces together from the multitude of reports and physical evidence around the crash and create a coherent narrative to explain exactly what happened. The findings of the crash reconstruction teams will often be one of the primary pieces of evidence used by police departments when deciding on what charges will be brought forward in any particular case.