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A Thursday morning crash between a car and a motorcycle in Prince William County resulted in the death of one individual and an ongoing police investigation. A report from the Virginia State Police provides us with the current known information regarding the case that happened along Interstate 95, close to mile marker 151.

A 57-year-old resident from Quantico was on their motorcycle, a 2006 Yamaha XV1900CT, and heading down one of Interstate 95’s northbound lanes. Driving near the motorcycle at this same time was a 2012 Honda Civic. It was as the two vehicles closed in on mile marker 151 that the driver of the civic-a 47-year-old who was not identified in any other way-decided to change lanes. This decision took them into the same lane as the motorcycle, which would not have been a problem if the motorcyclist had not been traveling right beside the Civic when this lane change occurred.

The Civic forced the bike off of the road, and the 57-year-old biker struggled to retain control of their vehicle. For a brief moment, it looked as though the biker might be able to return his motorcycle to the interstate, but then the bike fell over and the man was violently thrown from it.

A 9-1-1 call from a witness to the crash resulted in Virginia State Police and other emergency first responders working within Prince William County arriving at the scene shortly after the incident took place. The biker, who the report suggests was alive when the paramedics reached the area, was transported to Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center. When he was admitted, the report indicates that he was suffering from life-threatening injuries. Despite the work of the Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center doctors and nurses, the man was unable to recover from these injuries and was declared dead some time after being admitted.

The report indicated that the person driving the Honda was not injured in the crash and that they remained at the scene of the accident during the preliminary investigation. Charges are now pending against this individual, although the precise nature of these charges has yet to be made public.