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A grand jury in Loudoun County has handed down its verdict on an individual believed to be responsible for a deadly crash that happened in Sterling on December 1st, 2017. The verdict, which was decided upon on April 18th, is only the first conclusion to the numerous charges that the Herndon man faces after the fatal accident. The other charges, which include driving under the influence and a third offense for driving with a suspended license, will likely be brought before a jury on the 30th of July.

The first charge faced by the man, and the one for which he received the guilty verdict, is the most severe as it relates to aggravated involuntary manslaughter.

On December 1st, the convicted man was behind the wheel of a 1997 Dodge Ram and driving down Colonial Avenue in the city of Sterling. It was while he was going down the 700 block of this street that he lost control of the vehicle. Before he could recover, he crashed the Dodge into another car parked along the side of the road, drove off of the roadway, and crashed into the side of a townhouse. The impact caused the car to roll over and land on its side. Inside of the car, as well as the 39-year-old driver from Herndon, was a single passenger. As a result of the collision and subsequent rollover of the car, this passenger suffered from critical injuries. Emergency crews rushed to the scene and took the badly injured man to Reston Hospital, but there was ultimately nothing that could be done and he was declared dead some time after arriving at the medical center.

The decision from the jury means that the evidence gathered from the scene by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office and related investigating bodies pointed exclusively to the culpability of the car’s driver in the death of the passenger.

The report on this case’s development did not come with any information regarding the precise nature of the sentence, and all we know about the future of this case is that the driver will face additional trails on July 30th in relation to the other offenses that were described above.