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Early in March, and late on a Thursday, an officer working with the police department in Vienna in Fairfax County was on duty and operating a stationary radar when he noticed a car in the area of Beulah Road North East and Talisman Drive committing a traffic violation. The skeletal report from the Vienna Township Police Department indicates that the officer first noticed the driver shortly after 11:00 at night and that after the officer witnessed the violation they instigated a routine traffic stop.

The driver of vehicle in question, a 50-year-old woman who is a Vienna resident, obeyed the signals given by the police officer and pulled her car over to the shoulder of the road. The officer then approached the vehicle and began a dialogue with the driver.

According to the official report, it was at some point during this interaction that the police officer began to notice that the driver was showing signs of intoxication. While the report did not specify the exact signs that the woman was exhibiting, it is likely that they included things such as slurred words, an inability to focus her eyes, shaky conversational ability, and disorientation. We do know that the officer in the case reported smelling alcohol coming off of the driver as well.

Following these observations, the officer requested that the woman undergo standard field sobriety tests. The woman compiled, and soon was out of her car and attempting to complete the tests. After failing all of them, the officer then requested that the woman take a Breathalyzer test. She agreed, and the results of this test also indicated that she was intoxicated (although the Vienna Police report failed to state what the test recorded as the woman’s BAC).

The officer, noting all of the test results, then arrested the woman and took her to the Adult Detention Center in Fairfax County. The amount of her bail was not released in the report, and it is not known if it was posted or when the woman was released from police custody. We do know that after the warrant for her DUI arrest was served she was transported from the detention center to another location in the care of deputies with Fairfax County.