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On Friday, April 27th, Loudoun County Police received a call shortly before 3:00 in the morning reporting a car accident involving a single vehicle. It is not clear who called the police, whether or not it was the driver of the car or a witness to the incident, but we do know that the authorities arrived at the area shortly after the collision was initially reported.

Much of the facts relating to the crash were not included in the official update on the Loudoun County Police blotter, but we do know that the crash was reported along the 15000 block of Berlin Turnpike in Purcellville. The driver of the car, a 23-year-old resident of Charles Town, West Virginia, was driving their vehicle through the area after coming from an undisclosed location. It seems that after the collision, which is not believed to have included any other vehicles or individuals, the driver of the car remained at the scene of the crash. We do not know if this was because the car they were driving was now incapacitated or if they consciously made the decision to stay at the scene until the authorities arrived.

When the Loudoun County Police reached the area they noticed that the driver of the car was slurring their speech and generally behaving in a manner that indicated a person in less than complete control of their faculties due to the presence of an inebriating substance in their bloodstream. The police report states that the officers with the Loudoun County Police Department who reached the area then arrested the driver and charged them with Driving under the Influence. It was not clear in the report whether or not the police subjected the driver to any field sobriety tests or a breath test.

The driver of the vehicle was, at the last report, begin held at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center until a bond review could take place. It is not known whether or not that review has since occurred and if the person was subsequently released from police custody until the time of their trial.