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Charges have been finalized and issued for an incident involving a Herndon woman and stolen car that took place in the city of Herndon this past February. According to the Herndon Police Department, the initial altercation happened on the 3rd of February when a 31-year-old woman who was on the side of the road with her child flagged down a passing car.

The car pulled over and the woman approached. She told the driver and the car’s single passenger that she and her child needed help, and when the driver exited the vehicle to offer assistance, the woman placed her 4-year-old in the front of the car, quickly climbed in after them, closed the door, and began to accelerate away from the area. The passenger who was in the car at the time of the incident was unable to get the woman to stop the vehicle and, not wanting to remain in the car after this unknown person just stole it, opened the passenger door and leapt out onto the side of the road.

Someone, likely one of the two original inhabitants of the vehicle, called the police and reported the incident and soon law enforcement officers in Herndon and the surrounding Fairfax County area were on the lookout for the stolen car. The updated report did not indicate what sort of car was being driven, but it did state that the driver was able to escape Fairfax County and Virginia before she was finally stopped in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

It is not clear if the police who finally apprehended her did so knowing that she was driving as stolen vehicle or if the driver had committed a traffic violation which prompted an officer with the Prince George’s County Police Department to pull her over. It is believed that when the traffic stop was initiated that the woman obeyed the police officer and did not attempt to flee.

The charges that have since been leveled at the woman include two separate counts of carjacking, contribution to the delinquency of a minor, and failure to report an accident. It is not clear if the accident that the driver failed to report was the one in which she stole the vehicle or if there was another incident while she was driving that the authorities are considering in this case.