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April 2018 Archives

Sterling Resident Issued DUI after Traffic Violation

Not much information has been recorded for posterity about an incident that happened along Palisades Parkway and Tripleseven Road in the Loudoun County town of Sterling, several Fridays ago, on the 20th of April. What we do know indicates that the incident involved only one vehicle and that the driver of this vehicle was likely alone in their car at the time.

DUI Issued After Single Car Crash in Purcellville

On Friday, April 27th, Loudoun County Police received a call shortly before 3:00 in the morning reporting a car accident involving a single vehicle. It is not clear who called the police, whether or not it was the driver of the car or a witness to the incident, but we do know that the authorities arrived at the area shortly after the collision was initially reported.

Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Pull Trapped Driver from Floodwaters

Floodwaters that began rising throughout Thursday night in Tysons resulted in dangerous road conditions for drivers attempting to navigate a morning commute through certain low-lying areas. While the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department did put out a warning regarding the water (and also included a safety video on their blog to alert motorists to the situation as well as offer advice on what to do if you are inside of a car when it becomes trapped in a flood), the message still failed to prevent a motorist from becoming adrift in the unexpectedly damp rush hour.

Lamborghini Sheers in Half After Collision with Concrete Pole in Tysons Corner

Crash reconstruction units at work in Fairfax County are in the process of investigating a crash that happened early on Friday morning. Reports from the scene are so far incomplete, although it does appear that only one vehicle was involved in the incident and that the single occupant of this vehicle was treated for injuries. It is not clear if this person was transported to a nearby hospital, but we do know that their injuries were deemed to be minor. This fact is rather extraordinary, given the violence of the accident.

Two Car Crash in Vienna Sends One to Hospital

Injuries were sustained by at least one person after a collision that happened on Friday, April 20th, in the Fairfax County city of Vienna. According to the official report from the Vienna Police Department, the indict took place at 4:35 in the afternoon, during rush hour and while many people throughout the area were attempting to travel from their places of work to their homes. We know that the collision took place at the intersection of Maple Avenue and Lewis Street Northwest and that it involved two vehicles, one of which was attempting to make a turn through the intersection.

Two Cars Crash in Vienna Intersection

While only a few scant details have emerged regarding an accident that took place on Monday, April 23rd, the Vienna Police Department working within the city of Vienna in Fairfax County has included the incident in a weekly roundup of reports that they publish for the press and public.

Driver Killed in Sussex County Road Rage Incident

An incident of road rage is being credited with instigating the death of a man in Sussex County on Thursday, April 26th. While many of the details are still being parsed out by the investigating authorities working within Sussex County, we know that the incident began when the drivers of a 2001 Volkswagen Jetta and a 2010 Honda Odyssey became embroiled in an exchange at around 2:30 in the morning on Thursday while driving down the northern lanes of Interstate 95. According to the report, the 59-year-old man driving the Jetta maneuvered his car so that it was traveling directly in front of the Odyssey. The Jetta's driver than began to dramatically slow their car down until both of the cars came to a complete stop.

Stafford County Man Dies in Head-On Collision

On Friday, April 20th, a 23-year-old man from Stafford County, was driving his car through Spotsylvania County when he was involved in an accident that cost him his life. According to the Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Department, the incident happened shortly after 1:00 in the afternoon. The Stafford County man was behind the wheel of a four-door Toyota sedan, driving down the 8900 block of Elys Ford Road, when, for reasons that have yet to be fully explained by the police, he veered out of the eastbound lanes and into the oncoming traffic in the westbound lanes.

Numerous Delays After Four Car Crash in Lorton

It was during the morning commute on Wednesday, April 4th, that four separate cars were traveling down Richmond Highway in the Fairfax County city of Lorton. An initial report from the Fairfax County Fire Department warned motorists attempting to drive through the area to seek out alternate routes as the crash stretched across the turnpike and resulted in the closure of travel spanning across both the north and southern sides.

Centreville Man Struck and Killed in Fairfax County

A man from Centreville was on foot this past Monday night, April 23rd, near the area of the Lee Highway and Stone Road when he attempted to cross the street and was struck by a passing car. According to the official report from the Sully Police District operating within this area of Fairfax County, the investigation into the crash has so far revealed that the incident took place at 11:00 at night, and it is believed that someone-either a witness to the crash or the driver of the car that struck the man-called 9-1-1 immediately after the incident took place to report it to the authorities.

Motorcyclist Loses Control of Bike in Chantilly, Dies

Police in Fairfax County are in the process of investigating an incident that took place in Chantilly on Friday, April 16th, that resulted in the death of a 33-year-old man from Leesburg. Official reports do not offer much in the way of information, and it is believed that the investigation into the individual's death is still ongoing, but we do have several pieces of information regarding the incident that have come via official news sources and police reports.

Fatal Rear-End Collision on Interstate 66

On Thursday, April 19th, several cars were involved in a collision that took place on a stretch of Interstate 66 that runs through Fairfax County. Reports from the Virginia State Police indicate that the crash happened close to 4:00 in the morning and involved two cars that were both in the western lanes of I-66.

Seven Car Pileup on Arlington Access Road

On Thursday, April 19th, numerous cars were involved in an accident that happened in Arlington, at the intersection of the Arlington Boulevard Access Road and North Nash Street. Reports from fire officials within Arlington County indicate that the incident included up to seven vehicles and that one of them was a garbage truck that was in the process of transporting trash from the city to a landfill.

Driver Stranded in Annandale Floodwaters

Last week in Annandale was wet and rainy, and the resulting inclement conditions left numerous rivers and waterways swollen and, in some cases, overflowing their banks. On Monday morning, April 16th, a motorist traveling close to the intersection of Woodburn Road and Spicewood Drive in Annandale, encountered the floodwaters as they coursed down the road and rendered the car the person was driving completely inert. It is believed that this happened near 7:30 in the morning.

Deadly Single Car Crash in Loudoun County

Deputies working with the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office are working on an investigation into the death of a man from Leesburg that happened on Monday, April 9th. According to the results of the investigation so far, the incident took place around Smith Road and Hastings Drive, although we are not certain on whether or not the motorist was driving along either of these two streets when the crash took place or if there was a third street on which they were traveling.

Man Convicted of Involuntary Manslaughter in Sterling Crash

A grand jury in Loudoun County has handed down its verdict on an individual believed to be responsible for a deadly crash that happened in Sterling on December 1st, 2017. The verdict, which was decided upon on April 18th, is only the first conclusion to the numerous charges that the Herndon man faces after the fatal accident. The other charges, which include driving under the influence and a third offense for driving with a suspended license, will likely be brought before a jury on the 30th of July.

Woman Who Crashed through Woodbridge Fence Receives Numerous Charges

Officers with the Prince William County Police Department working in Woodbridge are currently investigating an accident that took place at the end of March and resulted in the arrest of a woman believed to be driving with a child while under the influence of several different substances.

Serious Injury After Multi-Car Crash Near Manassas

At least one person was severely injured after an accident that took place in Prince William County on Saturday, April 7th. Reports from the prince William Police Department do not offer much in the way of details regarding the incident, and most of what we know comes from a small report made via the PWCPDs Twitter account and subsequently rehashed in several news outlets in Northern Virginia and the greater D.C. Area.

Single Car Crash in Vienna Disables Traffic Signal

Police with the Vienna Police Department were among the first responders to arrive at an accident on Maple Avenue this past Thursday, April 12th, that resulted in badly damaged traffic light. After conducting an initial investigation, the police released a report that detailed the most up-to-date facts in the case. According to this report, it was close to 1:30 in the afternoon when a car approached the intersection of Follin Lane and Maple Avenue. Traffic had begin to gather in the area, likely due to the stoplight's regulation. The driver of the car in question approached this line of traffic and, due to reasons that are not known, found themselves needing to swerve off of the road in order to avoid striking the other cars.

Several Collisions Along I-95 in Fairfax County

On Sunday, April 8th, several collisions happened along Interstate 95 that resulted in the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue to spread itself rather thin in an attempt to respond adequately to all reported incidents. While the official reports from the scenes of the various collisions indicates that there were little or no injuries that happened as a result of the crashes, we do know that numerous cars were involved in each of the collisions.

50% Increase in Virginia Motorcyclist Fatality

A recent report from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles paints a distressing picture regarding motorcycle deaths throughout the state during 2017. This report, which was released on Wednesday, April 4th, indicates that over 100 motorcyclists were killed in collisions during 2017 alone. This is the highest number of recorded motorcycle fatalities to hit Virginia in over a decade.

Single Car Crash in McLean Results in Life-Threatening Injuries

A crash in McLean on Thursday, April 12th, left one person in the hospital fighting to recover from life-threatening injuries. The Fairfax County Police have gone on record to explain the incident as best they can, although the report ended with the statement that the crash is still under investigation and the authorities are not entirely clear on what happened to cause the incident in the first place.

Garbage Truck Overturns in Alexandria

Police with the Fairfax County Police Department in Alexandria were on hand this past Thursday afternoon (April 12th) to assist with the initial investigation and cleanup of a crash that involved a garbage truck working in Alexandria. The reports from the area did not include speculation or information regarding the specific reasons behind the crash, although it is believed that there were no vehicles involved other than the one truck and that the driver of the truck was taken to the hospital after the incident.

Motorcyclist Dies After Collision on Interstate 95

A Thursday morning crash between a car and a motorcycle in Prince William County resulted in the death of one individual and an ongoing police investigation. A report from the Virginia State Police provides us with the current known information regarding the case that happened along Interstate 95, close to mile marker 151.

One Dead After Collision at Manassas Car Wash

A car crash that took place at the Soaps and Suds Car Wash in Manassas left one person dead and another suffering from minor injuries late in March. Police working within Prince William County reported that the crash, which happened at the car wash located at 9725 Liberia Avenue, involved numerous cars, two Soaps and Suds employees, and a car wash customer.

Man Arrested for Hit-and-Run in Arlington County

Numerous charges are being leveled against an individual believed to be responsible for a hit-and-run incident on Lee Highway in Arlington during the middle of March. Reports that have emerged surrounding the incident indicate that the hit-and-run took place shortly before 7:00 on the evening of March 13th and involved a single car and a pedestrian. The car, according to the reports, was being driven down the 1400 block of Lee Highway when it struck the pedestrian. The reports do not indicate if the pedestrian was attempting to cross the street at the time of the collision or if the driver of the car swerved off of the road to strike them.

Falls Church Man Arrested for DUI and Hit-and-Run in Arlington

On Tuesday, March 27th, a man from Falls Church was in Arlington when he was arrested by police with the Arlington Police Department after a string of incidents including a hit-and-run and assault of a law enforcement officer working for Arlington County. Details surrounding the situation are currently patchy due to the ongoing nature of the investigation; however we do have a report from the Arlington Police Department to help us unravel the most important facts relating to the incident.

Hit-and-Run in Vienna Damages Parked Car

On Saturday, March 24th, police with the Vienna Police Department in Fairfax County responded to reports of a hit and run on Maple Avenue West. The subsequent report, culled from the Vienna Police Department's official Twitter account and its weekly collection of important news items, indicates that the incident took place some time before 1:00 in the afternoon and involved two separate vehicles.

Car Flips Over in Front of Old Town Alexandria Church

It appeared to be a normal Sunday morning in Alexandria's historic Old Town when police with the Alexandria Police Department received reports about a car accident that had taken place directly before the doors of the Basilica of St. Mary. The church, one of the oldest and most well known in the city, was just preparing to begin its first Sunday service at 7:00am when, it seems, a four door sedan approached the building and, due to reasons that are currently under investigation, flipped over.

Rear-End Collision at Vienna Intersection

Two cars collided in Vienna on Monday, March 26th, as they were traveling during the day's lunch hour close to Maple Avenue West and Lawyers Road Northwest. An official report from the Vienna Police Department indicates that the rear-end collision happened during a period when the intersection of Lawyers Road and Maple Avenue was congested and drivers were forced to keep a continuous eye on the road ahead of them in order to adequately respond to the road changes happening around them. 

Woman and Dog Struck and Killed on I-95 in Stafford County

Officers with the Virginia State Police are currently investigating an incident that took place this past Saturday night along I-95 in Stafford County that resulted in the death of a person on foot and her dog. Corinne Geller, the spokesperson for the Virginia State Police, issued a statement on behalf of the police force that provides the public with the most up-to-date information on the incident. The report does conclude with the notice that the entire incident is still under investigation; however, many of the most pertinent facts in the case are currently available. 

Two-Car Crash in Vienna Rush Hour Traffic

Very little information has been released regarding an incident that took place at Nutley Street Southwest and Kingsley Road Southwest in Vienna on Monday, March 19th, shortly before 8:30 in the morning. A report from Vienna Police Department that appeared on their official Twitter page shortly after the crash took place indicated that the incident involved two drivers, both of whom were traveling in the southern lanes of Nutley Street Southwest. It seems also that both of the cars in question were traveling down the same southern lane. 

DUI Issued to Vienna Driver after Traffic Stop

Early in March, and late on a Thursday, an officer working with the police department in Vienna in Fairfax County was on duty and operating a stationary radar when he noticed a car in the area of Beulah Road North East and Talisman Drive committing a traffic violation. The skeletal report from the Vienna Township Police Department indicates that the officer first noticed the driver shortly after 11:00 at night and that after the officer witnessed the violation they instigated a routine traffic stop.

Charges Finalized for February Carjacking and Accident in Herndon

Charges have been finalized and issued for an incident involving a Herndon woman and stolen car that took place in the city of Herndon this past February. According to the Herndon Police Department, the initial altercation happened on the 3rd of February when a 31-year-old woman who was on the side of the road with her child flagged down a passing car.

Fairfax County High-Speed Chase Ends in Crash

Numerous counties in Northern Virginia, including Fairfax County, were affected on the morning of Wednesday, April 4th, when police officers found themselves in pursuit of a driver suspected of DUI as he fled across 30 miles of highway. The report, issued from Alex Kowalski, the spokesperson for the Loudoun County Sheriff's Department, indicated that the chase began on Route 15, close to Courtland Farm Lane, after a deputy with the department saw a green Subaru being driven in an erratic manner. It seems that the deputy saw the car weaving back and forth across the highway, and when the deputy clocked the Subaru, it was proven to be traveling at well above the posted limit.

Police Chase Through Fairfax County Ends in Arrest

Early on Wednesday morning, a deputy with the Loudon Sheriff's Office noticed a vehicle driving down Route 15, close to Oatlands Road and south of Leesburg, that was being driven in such a way to cause the officer to decide to initiate a traffic stop. According to the official report, the deputy clocked the car at well below the posted limit as it weaved in and out of the road's lanes.

DUI Arrests in Fairfax During Last Days of March

Little has been released on two incident that resulted in DUI arrests in Fairfax County on March 29th and March 30th. What we know comes exclusively from two brief reports included in a weekly roundup of police stories issued by the Fairfax County Police Department (the law enforcement agency responsible for many of the cities and towns throughout Fairfax County, including Fairfax City). These reports provide very little information regarding the circumstances of the arrest, but they do give us the barebones outlines of what happened, when, and who it involved. 

DUI Charges For Driver who Collided with Fairfax County Public School Bus

It was towards the end of March that a police report was filed by officers with the Fairfax County Police Department regarding an incident that took place in Hybla Valley and ended with the arrest of an Alexandria resident who was charged with DUI among other things.

Fairfax County Officer Injured in Nighttime Crash

A report was recently issued regarding a traffic incident between two cars in Alexandria's Old Town in Fairfax County that happened on Tuesday, April 4th, sometime between 9:00 and 9:30 at night. While the incident is still under investigation, we do know that only two cars were involved in the crash that occurred at the intersection of Princess Street and Henry Street, and that one of these cars was a police cruiser. 

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