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A police chase through Hybla Valley this past Sunday ended in an embarrassing way for the fleeing individual after their efforts to elude the authorities ended when their own car ran them over. Statements from the Fairfax County Police as well as dash-cam video taken from one of the officer’s cruisers indicate that the entire interaction began after an on-duty officer attempted to make a routine traffic stop on a car that was driving erratically down the road.

It was close to 1:00 in the morning when the individual in question, a 30-year-old Woodbridge resident, was spotted driving in a manner that caused police to question their ability to be behind the wheel. The officer activated their emergency lights, but the Woodbridge man decided that fleeing was a superior alternative to pulling over.

The officer radioed for backup, and soon multiple units were on the tail of the fleeing man. As they neared the 2600 block of Arlington Drive, the driver must have felt that their car was no longer the best way to escape from the police. Footage from the police camera shows the perused car slowing to almost a stop before the driver side door opens and a lithe man wearing a hat springs from the vehicle. The man takes off on foot towards a wooded area near the road. As they are running, they cross in front of their car, which was never placed into park and has since begun to roll forward.

Before the man can reach the bushes, the video shows that his car gently strikes his legs and sends him rolling over the hood and onto the ground beside the vehicle. Seemingly unfazed, the man then attempts to jump up and continue running, but his car’s betrayal has allowed the police time to reach him, and we watch as he is apprehended by the pursuing officers only moments after he regains his footing.

The report indicates that the man was arrested and charged with, among other things, a 3rd offense DUI, driving and drinking with an open alcohol container, and fleeing the scene of an accident.