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Several weeks ago, on Friday, March 19th, officers with the Fairfax County Police Department began to pursue an individual after receiving reports of a driver behaving erratically around the location of Lee Jackson Memorial Highway and Majestic Lane in Chantilly. The concerned call came in around 8:30 in the evening, and the responding members of the Fairfax County Police Department arrived at the indicated area shortly afterwards.

When they reached the location, the officers found the car in question parked in a lot of an unidentified business. When the officers at the scene approached the car to begin a routine investigation into the driver’s condition, the driver, not wanting to participate in any such investigation, peeled out of the lot and away down the road.

The officers immediately began to chase the car.

The chase took the officers and the potentially intoxicated driver down several other roads, but the entire ordeal ended peacefully enough when the fleeing car was blocked by numerous police cars and rendered unable to flee any further. The officers then approached the car, removed the driver and a passenger, and arrested them both.

In their official report, the Fairfax Police Department indicated that the driver of the vehicle was a 23-year-old Springfield resident. Inside the car with her was a 25-year-old from Reston. Both of the car’s inhabitants were arrested by the officers, although they each received different charges.

For the driver, charges of DWI will likely lie alongside charges of fleeing a pursuing officer while intoxicated. Her passenger, on the other hand, received charges of public drunkenness, although it is not clear if this was the result of any adverse behavior on their part or merely the consequence of being in the company of the intoxicated driver while she was fleeing the police.

The driver of the car will likely face a less lenient court due to the fact that this particular incident is far from the first time she has run up against the law. Records point to the fact that she has suffered numerous other charges relating to offenses committed while behind the wheel of the car, although it is not clear if any of these charges are outstanding or if they all relate to circumstances that have since been resolved.