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This past Tuesday, a large section of Georgetown Pike that crosses through Great Falls in Fairfax County was closed after a crash took place at the junction of Georgetown Pike and River Bend Road that downed at least one power line. Numerous homes throughout the area were rendered powerless after the crash, which happened close to 10:00 in the morning.

The initial report on the incident failed to mention just how many cars were involved in the crash. It is entirely possible that the incident was the result of a single driver losing control of their car. It is also possible that numerous cars were involved. The report also avoided any mention of injuries that occurred as a result of the collision. What we do know is that the crash resulted in the closure of all lanes in both directions of Georgetown Pike while police and other emergency response crews worked to stabilize the area.

Power lines littered the road, filling the air with sparks and arching electrical currents. Dominion Energy, the company responsible for this stretch of power lines in Fairfax County, arrived at the scene shortly after the crash took place and began restoring the lines to their normal working conditions.

According to the Fairfax Police Department’s statement, the power was still off for 33 homes hours after the initial incident. The statement also indicate that, due to the severity of the damage to the polls and lines, the power might not be fully restored to all customers until 10:00 that night, 12 hours after the initial crash took place.

While Dominion Energy worked to clear the area of loose wires, police redirected motorists through surrounding streets.

This makes the second time four days that significant sections of Georgetown Pike closed after collisions between cars and power lines. The Saturday before, a collision near the intersection of Georgetown Pike and Olde Georgetown Court resulted in a downed power line and a road closure that lasted just under 12 hours, with the initial collision occurring on Saturday night, around 8:00, and the road not opening until around 7:45 the following morning.