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This past Monday, police in Fairfax County responded to reports of an accident that took place near to Centreville. When they arrived, they were confronted with an unusual situation: a car that had driven sideways into a small apartment building.

According to the official report, the incident took place along a street known as Post Corners Trail. It is not clear if the apartment building was located inside of the city of Centreville or if it was somewhere outside of the city limits. Regardless, the Fairfax County Police Department as well as numerous other first responders arrived at the scene shortly after the crash took place and began to help assist the individual trapped within the car.

As to what exactly occurred within the vehicle, that is still under investigation. The report stated that there was evidence to suggest that the car collided with some small bushes and shrubs that were near to the side of the road before the collision with the building. What is not clear is just what happened to cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle to such an extent that the accident took place at all.

When the car had finished destroying the bushes, the tires fully left the asphalt. It was either by hitting the curb or by colliding with the concrete stoop of the apartment that the car was flipped on its side shortly before crashing into the apartment building.

Pictures from the scene show the car resting on its side while its nose pokes through a large hole that has been punched into the wall of the apartment building.

Fairfax Police told reporters that there was only one individual inside of the car and that this individual did experience some injuries. The extent of these injuries, however, was not indicated in the report, and it is not clear if the driver was able to be treated at the scene of if they required advanced medical treatment at a nearby hospital.

It is not believed that any of the residents inside of the apartment building were injured as a result of the accident.

The crash is still under investigation and more details are expected to emerge.