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While Virginia possess a more temperate climate than states in New England, it still receives its fair share of snow, especially now as the global climate is shifting in alarming ways. Already this year we have seen numerous snowfalls and blizzards throughout Fairfax County, with thankfully very few incidents such as car accidents resulting from this hazardous weather pattern.

This past Saturday, another sudden snowfall in Fairfax County created extremely dangerous road conditions throughout Springfield. While attempting to commute as well as return to their homes, numerous drivers struggling to regain control of their vehicles after beginning to slide across the road.

Fortunately, most of the drivers in the area were able to safely resume their journeys home or to the office. There were, however, a few incidents that did not go quite so well, although it appears that nobody was significantly injured in the incidents.

One such circumstance was reported on by the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue team. A driver who was making their way towards the intersection of Pohick Road and Southern Road lost control of their vehicle after hitting either a patch of black ice or simply due to the adverse conditions created by the unusual snowfall. Only the one vehicle was involved in the incident and, according to the report, no one was injured as a result.

The report did not go into great detail regarding the crash, but we do know that the car left the roadway and drove into a wooded area. Pictures from the scene of the incident that were posted on the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Twitter account show a police cruiser as well as a fire engine stopped along the road. In the woods nearby a grey sedan is resting on its side against some small trees. In the pictures, the roadway is clearly slick with ice, leaving little room to imagine what caused the incident to occur.

As stated above, the driver of the car was reportedly uninjured in the crash, although they were understandably shaken up after the incident. It is not believed that a further investigation is developing around the single-car crash.