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Crash Along Georgetown Pike, Down Power Lines

| Feb 6, 2018 | Auto Accidents |

Drivers attempting to make their way through McLean on Tuesday found themselves needing to navigate heavy traffic snarls and were rerouted after an accident took place on Georgetown Pike that resulted in the closure of the road’s eastern lanes all the way from Swinks Mill Road to Georgetown Court.

While details surrounding the incident are not fully fleshed out, notifications were sent out from the McLean Police Department and from the Fairfax County Police Department via Twitter that alerted motorists to the potential delays and traffic difficulties.

It is believed that the crash occurred around 8:30 in the morning, just as the rush hour was coming to a close, but still during the time when many people were attempting to make their ways to work. We do not know how many cars were involved or what the circumstances were that led to the incident, but it appears that the crash included a power line run by the Dominion Energy company. With the line down, hundreds of people throughout the area lost their primary power feeds and were forced to find alternative ways to keep the lights on.

As well as failing to include the number of individuals involved in the accident, the reports failed to state whether or not any of them were injured and, if so, whether or not these injuries were of a serious nature. What we are left with is the knowledge of a somewhat serious accident that is still under investigation even as Dominion Energy works to restore power to all of the remaining customers.

For reasons that are not immediately clear, the repair of the power lines took most of the day, and even by 3:00 in the afternoon there were almost 75 homes waiting for Dominion Energy to restore their power supply.

While the officers and emergency response teams cleaned up the area and conducted the initial investigation, traffic was directed away from the eastbound lanes of Georgetown Pike and along a path that took motorists from Sinks Mill Road to Old Dominion Drive. It is not clear whether or not the eastbound lanes of Georgetown Pike were reopened in time for the evening rush hour.