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Late in January, two teenagers from Alexandria were in Prince William County when they decided to steal a car. The vehicle, a Honda Accord, was sitting in a driveway and the teenagers were able to enter the car, start it, and drive it away before the car’s owner could do anything to try and deter them. The young people then drove the car all the way to Springfield, where they then made their way down Hopewell Avenue. When the reached the 6700 block of Hopewell Avenue, they either lost control of the Honda or decided to cause some chaos, with the result either way being that they crashed the Accord into several other cars which were parked on the side of the road. 

The Accord was subsequently totaled, leaving the duo without a way to flee the scene. They decided therefore to try and steal a second car. They walked a short way to Blacksburg Road’s 5000 block and there found a sedan that was idling at the side of the street. In the driver side of the sedan was an unnamed woman who the two teenagers approached. According to the report, they attempted to scare the woman by brandishing a knife and threatening to use it on her. It is not clear just what happened next, but the woman either refused to surrender her vehicle or the two teenagers simply gave up. Either way, they tried to run away from the Blacksburg Road area and find shelter in the surrounding streets and woods.

At this point, police knew about the two incidents and were rapidly closing in on the two suspects. Reaching Blacksburg Road, they began to search the area thoroughly. A helicopter aided in the search, and while it was circling the general location it spotted a person in the woods that closely resembled the description of one of the two individuals believed to be behind the crime spree.

Police officers quickly rushed to the woods, down the trail, and caught the person before they were able to escape.

The second of the two suspects was discovered along Commercial Drive’s 6800 block. It is believed that the two people split up after failing to steal the second car, but their attempts to flee were brief and poorly executed.