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Speed, Alcohol Factors In Fatal Great Falls Crash

| Jan 27, 2018 | Auto Accidents |

An investigation into a fatal crash that took place on September 16th of 2017 has finally progressed after police with the Great Falls Police Department determined that both speed and alcohol consumption played a role in the incident. The initial report on the crash described how Wenger, a 26-year-old Annandale resident, Ryan, a 23-year-old Great Falls resident, and an unnamed 15-year-old girl, were in a car that Wenger was driving down Beach Mill Road towards Springvale Road. The car had reached the 10500 block of Beach Mill Road when something occurred to cause Wenger to lose control of the vehicle.

In the moments that followed, the car skittered wildly across the road, first exiting the westbound lanes onto the shoulder and then careening back across the westbound lanes and the eastbound lanes, and onto the eastbound shoulder where it collided with a tree. It is not believed that any other individuals or cars were involved in the crash and that Wegner’s loss of control over the vehicle was the result of something that happened within the car itself and not from something external.

The violence of the collision resulted in massive trauma to all of car’s occupants. Paramedics and police rushed to the scene to assist the three people, however there was nothing that they could do for either Wenger or Ryan, both of whom were declared dead at the scene of the incident.

The unnamed 15-year-old girl was alive after the crash, and paramedics were able to rush her to a nearby hospital where she received treatment. While the update to this story did not include additional news as to her condition, it is believed that she survived her injuries; although it is impossible to make assumptions about her current condition.

After months of tests and investigative work, the police concluded that the crash, which was previously unexplained, was due to the intoxication of Wenger. It is believed that the young man was traveling well over the posted limit due to his inebriation and that these two elements caused the circumstances that resulted in the deaths and injuries.