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Man Behind String of Assaults and Accidents in Herndon and Centreville Caught and Identified

| Jan 5, 2018 | Theft Crimes |

Police with the Fairfax County Police Department are working to tie together all the loose ends of a bizarre series of accidents and assaults that took place throughout Centreville and Herndon a little over a week ago on Wednesday. It began in the Evening, when a man who has since been identified as the 28-year-old Vinson, a resident of Adelphi, Maryland, knocked on the door of a home located in Centreville, along the 6100 block of Early Autumn Drive. The residents of the home say that they do not know the man in question and have no explanation for his subsequent actions.

A child went to the door in response to Vinson’s knocking. When the child opened the door, Vinson punched them. Having completed this task, Vinson then jumped off the porch and ran to a car located nearby. It was revealed after the entire event concluded that this vehicle was one that had been reported as stolen from Hyattsville, Maryland, at close to 6:00 in the evening of that same day. Vinson and the stolen car got as far as the intersection of Stone Road and Lee Highway when he collided with a pickup truck. Unfazed, Vinson exited the first car, walked up to the pickup truck, climbed into the temporarily vacated cab, and drove away. It was not clear from the report whether or not the driver of the pickup truck was injured in the initial crash.

At some point after switching vehicles, Vinson managed to steal a trailer and attach it to the pickup truck. With his new rig, the out-of-control man then proceeded to lead police who had discovered him on a chase along Centreville Road. As he reached the intersection of Frying Pan Road and Centerville Road, Vinson ignored a stoplight and subsequently collided with a van. Inside the van, as well as the driver, were several children. One of these children was ejected from the vehicle. Emergency medical teams airlifted the child and flew them to a hospital where they were admitted as being in critical condition. Four other children who were also in the van were taken to the hospital, although it is believed that their injuries are non life-threatening.

Police chased Vinson, who had fled this second accident on foot, and eventually managed to catch him and subdue him.

After identifying the man, Police hit him with numerous charges including: carjacking, assaults on two different police officers, speed to elude, and receiving stolen property