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Drastic Increase in DWI Arrests Throughout Fairfax County in 2017

| Jan 12, 2018 | Drunk Driving |

Police with the Fairfax County Police Department recently issued a report on the number of DWIs that have taken place throughout Fairfax County during 2017, and the numbers paint a picture that is simultaneously concerning and comforting. The stark facts state that the number of DWI arrests throughout Fairfax County rose between 2016 and 2017 to the tune of nearly 200 people. This rise in DWI arrests comes after a similar rise in the number of arrests between 2015 and 2016. All in all, the number of DWIs that occurred in 2017 was 2,139, while 2016 saw 1,957 DWI arrests and 2015 saw only 1,841 arrests.

The report from the Fairfax Police Department stated that around 500 of the arrests from 2017 emerged from the efforts off a task-force that is made up of nine specially trained officers who work specifically towards reducing the total number of crashes caused by drunk drivers. Members of this group traveled throughout Fairfax County at the special request of different police stations. Another way that these individuals would receive directions to relocate is through the gathering of data regarding accidents caused by intoxicated drivers as well as a high number of emergency calls from residents of these various towns wherein the caller specified that their reason for contacting the police had to do with a drunk driver.

Specially trained in the apprehension of drunk drivers, recognizing when an individual is under the influence of alcohol and drugs, and other techniques, the organization that trained these nine people is fully funded by means of a federal grant that was authorized to Fairfax County.

At the time of this writing, the final numbers for DWIs in various police districts, whether due to the normal procedures of a police precinct or because of the aid of the task-force, break down as follows:

  • In Mason Police District there were 378 DWI arrests made.
  • In Franconia Police District there were 300 DWI arrests made.
  • In Sully Police District there were 277 DWI arrests made.
  • In West Springfield Police District there were 231 DWI arrests made.
  • In McLean Police District there were 201 DWI arrests made.
  • In Fair Oaks Police District there were 167 DWI arrests made.
  • In Reston Police District there were 146 DWI arrests made.
  • In Mount Vernon Police District there were 141 arrests made.

The data shows that the other 298 arrests that were DWI related occurred in areas of Fairfax County that did not fall within the jurisdiction of any singly district.