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Construction Worker at Lorton Landfill Dies

| Jan 25, 2018 | Construction Accident |

On a Monday morning earlier this month authorities with the Fairfax County Police Department responded to reports of an accident inside of a construction zone located in the 10000 block of Lorton’s Furnace Lane. The initial report on the incident failed to provide much detail other than to say that what happened took place within the construction site, during working hours, and resulted in the death of one individual. No other specifics (including the name of the individual involved, whether or not anyone else was injured, whether or not the deceased individual was a construction worker, and what happened to cause the death) were included in the report.

An update to the first statement from the Fairfax County Police Department revealed most of the missing details.

It was close to 9:30 in the morning when police with the Fairfax County Police Department responded to reports of an accident inside of the Lorton Landfill, located at 10001 Furnace Lane. Rushing to the location with medical teams, the officers were taken immediately to the location of the incident. There, they found the 52-year-old Maldonado, a Gaithersburg, Md, resident, pinned between two trucks. The trucks, a tractor trailer and a 2005 CAT Waste Handler, were both in use by the Lorton Landfill team, but it appears that only the waste loader was being driven at the time of the accident.

The driver of the CAT, who has not been named, was reversing the truck in the direction of the tractor trailer. For reasons that are not clear, Maldonado strayed behind the path of the truck and either did not see the CAT or underestimated the distance between himself and this massive vehicle. The driver of the truck, also for reasons that are not clear, either did not see Maldonado or believed him further from the danger zone than he was. Regardless of the reasons, the CAT reversed until Maldonado was crushed between the two machines.

Paramedics did all that they could to help the badly injured man, but the extent of the injuries was simply too great to overcome and Guido Maldonado was pronounced dead at the location of the accident.

Preliminary investigative efforts have concluded that the reasons behind the crash do not relate to excessive speeds or alcohol consumption. A team with the police crash reconstruction unit is still working on gathering full details of the incident.