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Child Injured in Herndon Crash Still in Hospital

| Jan 29, 2018 | Hit And Run Accidents |

Several weeks ago, we reported on an police chase in Herndon that took place shortly after Christmas and ended when the individual being pursued by police crashed into another car at an intersection and then attempted to flee from this crash on foot. According to the initial report, Vinson, a 28-year-old Adelphi, Maryland, resident had already assaulted a child as well as stolen two cars and a trailer. Police were chasing Vinson through Herndon when he ran a red light and collided with a minivan. Inside the minivan were six individuals, four of them children. One of the children was ejected from the vehicle during the crash.

In a recent update to the story, Police with the Herndon Police Department have told the public that one of the children inside of the minivan, the one who was thrown from the car, is still in the hospital. While the other five people in the car suffered injuries during the crash, they have all since been released. The one who remains in medical care, 12-year-old Djama, was recently transferred from the hospital to a special rehabilitation facility.

As well as inflicting damage on the young girl that resulted in surgery, the crash caused her to enter into a coma. On the 10th of January she finally opened her eyes, however it is believed that she suffered damage to her brain during the crash and she still requires a breathing tube in order to survive.

The others involved in the crash, the mother, siblings and a family friend, are all believed to be recovering well.

Vinson is facing numerous charges including carjacking and instigating a chase that resulted in a crash. After the incident, he attempted to flee the area on foot, so it is likely that he will also face charges of hit-and-run and fleeing from an accident which resulted in great bodily harm. The hearing for Vinson is not scheduled until the 13th of march, and it is not known whether or not he is in custody or if bail was posted, allowing him to retain his freedom for the time being