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Two Injured in Fairfax County Crash

| Dec 17, 2017 | Auto Accidents |

A little over a week ago, Alexandria firefighters, police officers, and paramedics rushed to the scene of a reported multi-car crash along the 1100 block of Braddock Road. News about the vehicles involved in the crash as well as the condition of those injured is scant, however the Twitter feed of the Alexandria Police Department as well as reporting done on the local Patch website and the Alexandria Times provided the public with the bulk of details available.

While the causes of the crash itself are either still under investigation or yet to be released, we do know that the collision involved at least two cars. In the aftermath of the crash, which could have included anything from a head-on collision to a rear-end collision, the two cars became entangled with a fence close to a small copse of trees by Braddock Road. Based on the Twitter post from the Alexandria Police Department, it seems as though two drivers were then trapped in their cars, although it was not immediately clear as to whether or not they were both trapped because of the damage their two vehicles suffered or because the proximity of the fence and trees prevented them from opening the car doors.

Either way, both of the drivers were removed from their cars after firefighters with the Alexandria Fire Department arrived at the scene and accessed them. After being freed from the vehicles, both of the drivers were taken by paramedics to a hospital. The report failed to specify which hospital.

A spokesperson for the Alexandria Police Department, Crystal Nosal, told reporters that the condition of the people involved in the crash was not known at the time, however it was also reported that both of the people involved suffered from injuries that paramedics deemed non-life threatening.

While Alexandria police conducted a preliminary investigation as well as clean up, the intersection along Braddock Road where all this occurred was temporarily closed and cars passing through the area re-routed along other side streets. The report did not state if either of the drivers involved will face charges.