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Reston Hit-and-Run Sends Pedestrian to Hospital

| Dec 10, 2017 | Hit And Run Accidents |

Few details have been reported regarding an accident that took place in Reston late Tuesday night, however police with the Fairfax County Police Department have issued a statement that goes over some of the more pertinent information on the incident. It seems that at some time before 8:00 in the evening, a person who has not been described in any way and remains unnamed was walking along the street when he approached the point where Reston Parkway and South Lakes Drive intersect.

While they were either in or near the intersection the pedestrian was struck by a passing car. It is not clear whether or not the pedestrian was in the street at the time of the collision or if they were struck while still off the road. The few details provided don’t indicate whether the person was on a shoulder, a sidewalk, or somewhere else before, during, or after the collision. Additionally, if they were in the road, it is important to ascertain whether or not the pedestrian was using a crosswalk and, if so, if the crosswalk signal was clearing them for passing over the roadway.

The police responded to the incident and subsequently tweeted about the encounter between the pedestrian and the car. This was shortly after 8:00 at night. It is believed that the pedestrian was taken to a nearby hospital, although the precise hospital was not mentioned in the initial report.

Most conspicuously absent from the police’s tweet was information regarding the individual in the car that struck the pedestrian. Regardless of if the driver believes themselves to be free of any culpability in the case or not, any instance of a car colliding with a pedestrian or another vehicle requires a subsequent statement to the police and the physical presence of all individuals involved. To leave the scene of a crash, even one in which a person believes themselves not responsible, is a federal crime.

It is believed that the pedestrian taken to the hospital on Tuesday night suffered from minor injuries, although the report did not make clear if they were quickly released from the medical facility or if they remained overnight.