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Friday Night Crash Leaves One Dead in Sterling

| Dec 7, 2017 | Manslaughter |

An investigation into a crash that happened last Friday night has led police in the towns of Reston and Sterling to discover the identity of the individual from Herndon who died in the incident. According to reports from the police, the crash took place late in the evening, and involved at least two vehicles. One of these vehicles was parked along the 700 block of Colonial Avenue. The second vehicle, being driven by the 39-year-old Herndon resident Rivera, had turned down the road in his 1997 Dodge Ram when he lost control of the car.

As he careened around the street, Rivera struck the parked car and then bounced across a private yard before crashing directly into the townhouse sitting on the property. Police and emergency vehicles were called in to help sort out the situation, and when they arrived they found one individual in critical condition. The initial report from the Louden County Sheriff’s Office stated that this person was sitting in the passenger side of Rivera’s car, but an update to the story quickly corrected this mistake and placed the individual, 29-year-old Vasquez-Murcia, inside of the parked car which was initially struck by Rivera.

The first responders saw the dire state of Vasquez-Murcia and realized there was only so much they could do for him at the scene of the incident. He was loaded into an ambulance and taken to Reston Hospital, but even the doctors and nurses at this medical facility were not able to provide the young man with much help. Vasquez-Murcia was declared dead at the hospital, although it is not clear from the initial report how quickly he passed away after being admitted.

Damage to the townhouse was reportedly insignificant, and no one was inside of the building at the time of the incident, thereby limiting the number of people that could have been injured by Rivera.

Rivera was arrested and now stands to face charges including DUI, driving while in possession of a suspended license, and involuntary manslaughter. An investigation into the event is still underway.