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Fairfax Co. Hit-and-Run Closes Route 28

| Dec 17, 2017 | Hit And Run Accidents |

Last Tuesday, officers with the Fairfax County Police Department apprehended an individual that they suspect was involved in an accident which occurred on Route 28 in Herndon. According to the initial report, Fairfax County Police responded to a call placed at close to 3:30 in the afternoon that indicated an accident had taken place in the southern lanes of Route 28.

The official report states that two vehicles became involved in a collision, although it is not clear what sort of collision took place or who was at fault. After the two cars hit one another, one of the drivers exited their vehicle and began verbally and physically assaulting the other driver. At some point during this altercation, the aggressive motorist began to remove their clothing. Soon they were fully nude.

But the lack of clothing did not soothe angry man, although it appears the target of their fury became unfocused at this point; the now naked person jogged away from the crash site before somehow jumping aboard a passing flatbed truck. Video taken by a surprised driver who witnessed much of the scene shows the flatbed truck driving by with the naked man perched on top of the cab, banging on the truck’s roof with what appears to be a rock. Although the video does not capture the man’s face, one suspects that his expression would be unpleasant.

After inflicting some cosmetic damage to the truck, Fairfax Police reported that the man leapt from the vehicle and ran off into a nearby wooded area. Police arrived and, in an attempt to reduce the number of civilians who might come into contact with the suspect, closed off Route 28 between Frying Pan Road and Old Ox Road. A thorough search through the area began while law enforcement personnel carefully explored the woods and nearby roadways.

Several hours later, the man, presumably still naked, was discovered on the property of Dulles International Airport and arrested. Officers transported him to a nearby hospital where he was admitted and treated for non life-threatening injuries.

At the time of this writing, the man has not been identified and police are still working to tie together all loose ends of the case.