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Police Chase Ends with Arrest of Man in Reston

| Nov 16, 2017 | Drunk Driving |

Just around 9:45 in the evening, a police officer with the Fairfax County Police noticed a vehicle being driven recklessly and at high speeds near the intersection of Fairfax County Parkway and Stringfellow Court inside of the town of Fairfax itself. The officer then attempted to perform a traffic stop on the individual behind the wheel of the car, but this person decided that they did not want to be engaged in a traffic stop and instead attempted to flee from the pursuing officer.

Cox, the 40-year-old individual behind the wheel of the fleeing car, continued on his way up Fairfax County Parkway while the officer with the Fairfax County Police gave chase. This officer also called for assistance from other squad members, so Cox was now at the head of a string of cars all seeking to end his dangerous journey up the road.

After several miles, Cox decided to stop the car for reasons that are not clear. The report failed to indicate if Cox’s halting of his car resulted from some maneuver by the authorities chasing him or if he chose on his own to end the altercation that would undoubtedly conclude with his arrest either way. Regardless, he had reached Fox Mill Road inside of Reston when his vehicle came to a halt and officers were able to pull the man from behind the wheel.

It is not known whether or not Cox put up any sort of resistance to the officers once he stopped his vehicle or if he attempted to flee from them on foot, but either way he was apprehended by officers with the Fairfax County Police Department who transported him to a police station nearby to initiate the legal process against him.

The full extent of Cox’s charges are not yet clear, but it does seem as though authorities have leveled a series of accusations against the man. It is believed that he currently faces charges including: driving while under the influence of alcohol, driving while in possession of a revoked license, misdemeanor speeding to elude pursuing officers, and driving recklessly.