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Fatal Crash on Alexandria Stretch of Interstate 495

| Nov 28, 2017 | Auto Accidents |

An individual died on Thanksgiving morning close to Alexandria, Virginia, after an accident occurred on Interstate 495 between a car and a tractor trailer. According to the official report from the Virginia State Police, the accident took place just before 4:00 on Thursday morning, when traffic on the normally busy interstate was light and the sun had yet to rise above the horizon. Padilla, a 30-year-old from Alexandria, was behind the wheel of his car, traveling west on I-495, when he approached exit 173.

Close to this same exit, a tractor trailer was parked on the shoulder of the interstate. According to the official report, the driver of the truck had noticed that the vehicle was exhibiting signs of mechanical trouble and so they pulled off of the highway in order to assess the situation. It was shortly after the driver of the truck climbed back into the cab of the vehicle and was beginning to resume their journey down the road that Padilla’s Honda Civic collided with the tractor trailer’s rear end.

The reasons for this are not yet known, and an investigation is currently underway to determine just what happened to cause Padilla to allow his car to depart from the westbound lanes and enter the road’s shoulder. As it approached the rear of the tractor trailer, there is no indication that Padilla was able to slow the vehicle down; nor did he regain control of the car as it neared the truck.

Padilla’s car crashed into the rear of the tractor trailer while still traveling at an extremely high rate of speed. Emergency response vehicles were called into the scene, but when they arrived there was nothing they could do for the critically injured man, and Padilla was declared dead at the site of the accident.

An investigation into the crash is currently underway as authorities with the Fairfax County Police Department as well as the Virginia State Police work together to try and unravel what happened inside of Padilla’s car to cause him to lose control of his vehicle at this particularly dangerous point in the road.

It is not known whether or not the operator of the tractor trailer was inside of the truck at the time of the crash, but the report does not suggest that they suffered from any injuries as a result of the incident.