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Car Chase through Dunn Loring Results in DUI Charges

| Nov 17, 2017 | Drunk Driving |

A quiet early morning in Dunn Loring was briefly shattered on Monday after a driver refused to pull over for a traffic stop, an act which resulted in the individual being pursued by numerous police vehicles. Details on the entirety of the incident are still incomplete, but enough has been released by officers with the Dunn Loring Police Department and the Fairfax County Police to reconstruct the main points of the incident.

Close to 3:00 in the morning, an officer with the Dunn Loring Police Department was conducting their rounds when they saw a car commit a traffic violation. While the report failed to mention what sort of violation the officer observed, it was severe enough to cause the officer to decide to pull the other car over. The officer activated the lights on the top of their patrol car and approached the vehicle in question. When this vehicle’s driver saw the officer coming towards him, he quickly stepped on the gas and attempted to flee the officer.

The officer began to pursue the vehicle, but soon the speeds at which the fleeing car was traveling combined with the rain falling on the road to convince the officer in the patrol car that continuing the chase would put everyone involved in much greater danger than if the whole thing was simply called off. It is likely that footage taken from the camera mounted on the dashboard of the police vehicle would have allowed officers to locate and apprehend the suspect and their car without necessitating a high-speed chase down rain-slicked roads, but fortune smiled on the police officers involved on Monday morning.

Shortly after the chase was ended, officers on patrol discovered the car sitting in a lot close to where the entire chase had occurred. It is not clear exactly what happened next, whether or not the car’s driver was still in the vehicle or if the police searched around the area before finding him, but Alvarado, a 33-year-old Falls Church resident was discovered and identified as the driver of the vehicle.

He is currently facing numerous charges, including: driving while under the influence of alcohol, speeding to escape police, driving a car with no license, and refusing to accept a breathalyzer test.