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Springfield Head-On Collision Leaves One Dead

| Oct 12, 2017 | Auto Accidents |

On Tuesday, Fairfax County Police responded to an emergency call that brought them to the 8400 block of Springfield’s Alban Road. According to the preliminary report filed by the Fairfax County Police, the collision occurred somewhere close to 8:15 in the morning and resulted in the closure of Alban Road for over three hours. While the full details of the incident have yet to be released, it seems as though at least two cars were involved in a crash that resulted in the death of at least one individual.

Just after 8:00 in the morning, a Ford Mustang was headed northbound on Alban Road. At the same time, a Dodge Caliber was in the southbound lanes. In a series of circumstances that have yet to receive a full explication, the Mustang collided head-on with the Caliber. Behind the wheel of the Mustang was Corum, a 82-year-old man, and longtime resident of Lorton, Virginia. Authorities report that by the time they arrived the injuries sustained by Corum were too severe for any treatment. He succumbed to the wounds suffered by his body during the incident and was declared dead at the scene.

The driver of the Caliber, who has yet to be named, was also injured in the incident, however their injuries were discovered to be far less severe than those of Corum. After some minor treatment from the attending emergency personnel, the driver of the Caliber was released from the scene.

Details around the ongoing investigation are scant, however we do have several known results of the preliminary work done by Fairfax County Officers. Most importantly, the police have been able to almost completely rule out alcohol or substance abuse as a contributing factor to the crash. While certainly a helpful discovery, this fact also adds to the difficulty of the efforts to pin down the precise cause of the crash. In the initial report, no mention was given as to which of the drivers crossed over the center line and initiated the crash. Additionally, no hints were offered as to the direction the investigation will take as it moves forward.