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One Dead in Head-On Collision in Manassas

| Oct 1, 2017 | Wrongful Death |

Police have issued a statement regarding an incident that occurred in Manassas this past Friday and resulted in the death of at least one individual and the hospitalization of another. While the investigation into the incident is still ongoing, the authorities in control of the case have decided that it is appropriate to release information at this time that will fill the public in on what has been happening.

Close to 2:15 in the afternoon on Friday, a 35-year-old man who has yet to be named was driving a Ford F350 westbound down Brentsville Road’s 9300 block. At the same time, a Ford Ranger being driven by the 23-year-old Cunningham was traveling down the eastbound lanes of this same road. Initial evidence suggests that nothing was wrong with the road, which means that the investigation will begin to examine the cars and the drivers for signs as to what happened.

While both cars were traveling towards one another, just before they passed, the unnamed 35-year-old swerved out of his lane and across the double yellow line. It does not appear that this man was attempting to pass anyone else on the road (something also illegal due to the presence of the double yellow). His path from his lane caused him to place the Ford F350 directly in the path of the Cunningham’s oncoming Ford Ranger. Unable to swerve away from the oncoming F350, Cunningham and the unnamed man collided in a head-on collision.

Head-on collisions are without a doubt the most severe and deadly types of collisions that can occur between two vehicles. When cars connect traveling in opposite directions, the resulting impact is the sum total of both the car’s speeds. This means that if the Ford F350 was traveling at 45mph and Cunningham’s Ford Ranger was traveling at 50mph that the resulting impact would be the same if both cars crashed into concrete walls traveling at 95 mph.

The intensity of the collision resulted in massive damage to both vehicles. When the emergency response teams arrived they removed both individuals from their cars. Cunningham, the worse of the two, was airlifted to a hospital. He died on Saturday due to the severity of his injuries. The other driver was also taken to a nearby hospital with serious injuries, although at the time of this writing he is believed to be alive.