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VDOT Worker Struck While Helping Stalled Motorist

| Sep 25, 2017 | Hit And Run Accidents |

On Friday morning, just before 6:30, a Virginia Department of Transportation employee was driving down Interstate 95, on his way to a car that had stalled in the northbound lanes of the busy highway, close to the 166B exit for the Fairfax County Parkway. When the highway safety worker arrived at the disabled car, he exited his own vehicle and began to create a safe perimeter around the two cars. This involved setting out a sign, some cones, and activating the emergency lights on his car. Following standard procedure, the VDOT employee had parked his own car off of the highway and along the right shoulder. The reasons for this are so that the employee and his vehicle were a safe distance from the high volume of traffic passing by.

It was while the VDOT employee was setting up the perimeter of cones that a green Ford Mustang came down the road. For reasons that are not currently known, the driver of the Mustang did not try to avoid the cones or the VDOT employee. Subsequently, the Mustang collided with the VDOT employee, throwing him away from the cones, and causing him to suffer numerous serious injuries.

The driver of the Mustang did not stay at the scene of the incident and instead continued to drive away from the area. It is believed that the driver was aware that they had struck someone and that they were leaving in an attempt to flee from any responsibility in the case. Unfortunately for them, the make and color of their car made it fairly easy for law enforcement officials with the Fairfax County Police Department to locate and apprehend them. While it is not clear from the initial report whether or not the individual located by the Fairfax County Police has been placed under police custody or is still just a suspect in the case, it is known that they were detained for questioning.

The VDOT employee was rushed to Fairfax Inova Hospital after the incident. The hospital is currently treating him for his injuries, which are believed to be serious.