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Fredericksburg Man Dies When Vehicles Collide in I-395 Construction Site

| Sep 9, 2017 | Auto Accidents |

Late in August, two construction vehicles with the Lane Construction Corporation collided in the construction site of I-395, close to Exit 10C. According to the report from the Virginia State Police Fairfax Division, Kilburne, a 55-year-old Fredericksburg resident, was driving a pickup truck with two other construction workers through the construction which was taking place in I-395’s southbound Express Lane. At the time, this lane was closed to the general public due to the construction team’s presence as they worked to pave the damaged parts of the lane.

At the same time as Kilburne was traveling through the area, a dump truck loaded down with paving material was also driving down the Express Lanes. The two vehicles, Kilburne’s pickup and the dump truck, were traveling in opposite directions in the express lanes, with the pickup traveling northbound and the dump truck traveling south.

Kilburne and his passengers neared a bend in the road which prevented them from fully seeing what was before them. Unfortunately, it was the dump truck. The pickup and the dump truck collided head-on in the Express Lane, causing tremendous damage to the pickup and its inhabitants. Although it is not known at what speed the two vehicles were traveling at the time of the crash, the force of the collision was enough to send all three of the pickup’s occupants to George Washington University Hospital.

Kilburne suffered the brunt of the damage from the collision with the dump truck and was unable to recover from his injuries. He was declared dead some time after arriving at George Washington University Hospital. The other inhabitants of Kilburne’s truck, both unnamed, experienced severe injuries, but both are expected to recover without much complication.

The driver of the dump truck, protected as they were by the massive amount of truck surrounding them, did not suffer any injuries as a result of the crash with the pickup.

An investigation into the accident is currently underway by the Virginia State Police Fairfax Division Crash Reconstruction Team as attempts are made to discover just what happened to cause the fatal crash.