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Fairfax Co. Police Officer Placed on Restricted Duty

| Sep 14, 2017 | Auto Accidents |

In an update to a story we reported on last month, it seems as though an officer with the Fairfax County Police Department has pleaded no contest to a crash that occurred between him and a minivan on the 18th of February, resulting in the severe injury to the van’s driver. According to the initial report, Officer Siteki was driving almost 70mph in a 40mph zone while responding to an emergency call. While this is perfectly legal for a police officer to do, the problem in the situation occurs because it seems that Siteki did not use the emergency lights or other features of his police cruiser while the made his way to the location of the call.

As readers of the initial report will remember, Officer Siteki was progressing through the intersection of Patric Henry Drive and Leesburg Pike in Falls Church when the accident took place. Roessler, behind the wheel of a 2000 Toyota Sienna, suffered severe injuries after Siteki’s cruiser collided with his vehicle. Siteki himself phoned in the emergency call and reminded at the scene while Roessler was tended to by emergency personnel.

As a result of the crash Roessler required emergency medical treatment for his intense injuries. Siteki, for his part, remained relatively unscathed after the incident. Investigators deemed it appropriate that Siteki receive a summons for misdemeanor due to reckless driving.

The plea of no contest is neither a guilty nor a not-guilty plea and merely indicates that the Siteki does not wish to argue about his culpability in the incident. While the crash still needs to undergo a complete review from the police administration that employs Siteki, the initial suit resulted in the Fairfax County District Court judge fining the officer $250. It is not known whether or not the injured Roessler will attempt to press charges in order to receive financial remuneration from Siteki.

While the Fairfax County Police Department investigates the situation Officer Siteki is being placed on temporarily restricted duty. This includes the temporary loss of his policing powers until the point when the agency deems appropriate.