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Fairfax County Woman Killed by Driver Suffering Medical Condition

| Aug 16, 2017 | Wrongful Death |

Around 2:45 in the afternoon of this past Tuesday, Quiroz, a 46-year-old Alexandria resident, was collecting her mail from her mailbox in the 7000 block of Alexandria’s Beulah Street. Beulah Street, a quiet residential area, was at that time being traveled down by an unnamed man in a 2013 Nissan pickup truck. Coming down the southbound lane of the road, heading away from the Franconia-Springfield Parkway and towards Quiroz, the driver of the truck suddenly swerved off of the asphalt. Doing their best to regain control of the vehicle, the driver of the pickup managed to wrestle the Nissan back on the road.

Even though the driver pulled back onto Beulah Street before enduring a more severe crash, the path that the Nissan took while off the road led to its striking Quiroz either just before or just after she collected her mail. Fairfax Police Department members arrived at the site of the incident shortly after the accident took place, but there was nothing that they or the other emergency response crews could do for the severely injured Quiroz, and she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Going to the cab of the pickup that caused the fatal accident, officers discovered the driver still inside the vehicle; however, when the police opened the door to the truck they found that the individual inside was suffering from a severe medical condition. Instead of arresting the driver, an ambulance crew rushed them to a nearby hospital where they were admitted with what is being described as a life-threatening medical condition. Justice for the deceased woman will depend on just what the condition experienced by the Nissan’s driver is and how it affected him at the time of the accident.

Knowing the information that we do, it seems likely that the medical condition of the Nissan’s driver was the primary contributing factor to the fatal accident, although it is not clear how this will affect the outcome of the investigation. Last updates to this story indicate that neither speed nor alcohol were contributing factors to the accident.