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Arrest Made in Connection with Fairfax CVS Murder

| Aug 8, 2017 | Homicides |

Last Wednesday, close to 10:45 at night, police with the Warrenton Virginia Police Department arrived at a local CVS to discover a man lying dead next to a dumpster. While it is not known who exactly placed in the initial call to the police department, it seems that the caller indicated that a “deceased person” was found at 510 Blackwell Road. This address, the one for the CVS, shortly afterwards became the site of a heavy police presence as the initial investigation into the nature of the death was conducted.

This early work by members of the Warrenton Police Department found that the dead man was the 64-year-old Olsen, a resident of Reva, Virginia. For reasons that are currently unknown, he was killed by a single gunshot and left for dead. Additionally, Olsen was identified as the manager of the CVS outside of which his body was discovered. The initial report on the subject refrained from postulating any hypotheses as to the circumstances around Olsen’s death and instead indicated that after the autopsy, the detectives working on the case would begin an intensive investigation into the murder.

Since that time, new developments have emerged that bear repeating. According to the Fairfax County Police Department, an individual has been apprehended relating to the murder of Olsen and is currently in police custody. This individual, the 76-year-old Duse, was an employee of the CVS where Olsen was manager. The Commonwealth Attorney’s Office indicated that Duse was an employee who worked directly under Olsen, although none of the reports so far offer any indication as to what might have occurred between the two to cause Duse to murder Olsen in such a cold hearted way.

At the time of this writing, no more information has been provided that might shed light on just what happened between Olsen and Duse to cause the deadly altercation, and the Fairfax County Police have also yet to supply the public with the facts that led them to arrest Duse. Regardless, the authorities have charged Duse with murder of the first degree as well as a the use of a firearm to commit a murder.