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Pedestrian Killed while Crossing Richmond Highway

| Jul 7, 2017 | Pedestrian Accidents |

Early on July 2nd in Mount Vernon, a young man was struck and killed while trying to cross Richmond Highway on foot. According to the report from the Mount Vernon Police Department, Cruz, a 22-year-old man from Alexandria, was walking through the southbound lanes of Richmond Highway shortly after 1:00 in the morning when a 2016 Mercedes sedan came down the road and collided with him. Cruz’s chosen crossing point lay just after the intersection of Richmond Highway and Belvoir Drive. Emergency response crews were called in and arrived at the scene shortly after the accident, however the injuries sustained by Cruz were extremely severe and he was declared dead at the scene.

The report goes on in indicate that the driver of the Mercedes, an as-of-yet unnamed individual, stayed at the scene of the crash and worked peaceably with all the attending officers. This fact is highly important as it means that the driver of the Mercedes was aware that they had struck an individual and remained with that individual rather than attempting to flee from the scene (a decision that would have led to a manhunt and highly punitive charges leveled against the driver).

According to the Crash Reconstruction detective team, neither alcohol nor drugs were factors that led to the accident, another circumstance that places the driver of the Mercedes in a better light. The detectives report goes on to indicate that Cruz, at the time of the accident, was not walking in a crosswalk or other designated pedestrian zone.

In an unusual development, it appears that the Fairfax County Police Department is currently exploring the possibility that Cruz was struck by more than one vehicle. Apparently, evidence exists to support the hypothesis that Cruz was impacted prior to the Mercedes and that this first impact is, in fact, the one that dealt the fatal damage that ended this young man’s life.

As a result, an investigation is still ongoing as the Fairfax County Police and Crash Reconstruction detectives work uncover the precise truth around what happened on that morning.