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Handyman Arrested in Fairfax County for Sexual Abuse of Minors

| Jul 21, 2017 | Sex Crimes |

In Springfield this past Thursday, officers with the Fairfax County Police Department arrested the 43-year-old Palma after a three month investigation into reports regarding sexual abuse between Palma and young children. The Fairfax County Police Department are currently investigating all claims, and they have additionally indicated that there very well might be additional children, including children outside of Fairfax County, who were abused by Palma.

Palma, a handyman by trade, works as an independent contractor throughout Fairfax County. It is believed that he has held this job for several years. Through his work, Palma frequently enters people’s homes. It is not currently understood what Palma’s relationship was with the victims, whether or not he visited these homes multiple times over a period of months or years, and, if so, whether or not the families in question reached a point where they trusted Palma alone in the home with their children. What is known is that the children currently involved in the case ranged from 4 to 11-years-old at the time of the alleged actions. The precise number of children involved is not currently known.

At the moment, Palma faces several distinct charges: three charges relating to sodomy of a child younger than 13; one charge relating to indecent liberties with a child younger than 15; one charge relating to aggravated sexual battery towards a child younger than 13.

The first notice the Fairfax County Police Department had regarding Palma’s actions came in April, when an unnamed individual called the police to report that their child had been assaulted by Palma. Following this call, the police launched an investigation into the handyman. The preliminary stage of this investigation ended on Thursday, when Palma was officially arrested and charged with the above-mentioned crimes.

While they continue to investigate, the Fairfax County Police Department asks that further victims of Palma’s actions come forward. Again, the police report indicates there is a high probability that Palma encountered and pursued his activities with children both within and outside of Fairfax County. Anyone with a child that may have encountered Palma is encouraged to contact the Fairfax County Police Department.