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Fairfax Police Officer Detains Two Underage Men After Traffic Stop

Last Tuesday night, an officer with the Fairfax Police Department pulled over a car after noticing both that the car's headlights were not turned on and that it was tailgating the vehicle in front of it. The car was first spotted around 10:00 at night, near to where Old Lee Highway and Fairfax Circle intersect. The Fairfax Police issued a statement indicating that, after noticing the dual traffic violations, their officer performed a routine traffic stop on the car. Exiting the police cruiser, the officer approached the stopped vehicle.

Sitting in the driver's side of the car was the 19-year-old Alvarez, a Fall Church resident. Next to him, in the passenger seat, was the 19-year-old Diaz, a Manassas resident. The officer explained the reason for the traffic stop and then paused. He asked about the liquid in the two open containers nestled between the legs of the driver. It is not known whether or not the two men attempted to hide their drinks or whether or not they simply succumbed to the inevitable, but it transpired that both of the men were holding on to containers of alcohol, and that both containers were open.

As a result of this incident, both Alvarez and Diaz were arrested. While they were released later that night, both received summonses. The charges as they are currently known include a possession of alcohol under the age of 21 for both Alvarez and Diaz and a charge of following too closely for Alvarez. The date of their summonses is not known.

More details in this case have yet to be released, and it is not clear whether or not the family of the two young men were able to be contacted and notified regarding the boy's' behavior. The initial report also failed to include the name of the officer who pulled Alvarez over in the first place. Most importantly, the report failed to mention whether or not either Alvarez or Diaz were intoxicated at the time of the arrest.

No one was injured as a result of the Alvarez and Diaz's late-night excursion.

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