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Fairfax County Man Charged in DUI and Manslaughter after Crash Kills His Brother

| Jul 11, 2017 | Manslaughter |

Early on Saturday morning, Alexandria Police responded to an accident report along South Henry Street in Old Town. When they arrived, they discovered a badly damaged car near the road. According to the report filed by the Alexandria Police Department, the car contained three individuals: the 24-year-old Vasques, a resident of Maryland’s Silver Spring; his brother, the 27-year-old Vasquez, who lives in Fairfax County; and an unnamed 24-year-old who has been identified only by their age and the fact that they also live in Fairfax County.

While the specific details of the crash remain unclear, it seems that the three in the car had previously been out drinking. Alexandria is a popular city with a vibrant nightlife, and it is entirely possible that the three recently left a bar or club located in Old Town before. It is not known whether or not they were headed to one of the car’s inhabitant’s home or if they were going to prolong the night even more.

What is clear is that around 3:10 in the morning the driver of the car, Pedro, lost control of the vehicle. Unable to regain the upper hand of the swerving car, he crashed near to where South Henry Street and Duke Street intersect.

Someone called the police shortly after the incident occurred. Emergency crews arrived at the scene shortly afterward. Unfortunately, their quick response time was not enough to save the badly injured Wuilver, and he died shortly after the emergency response crews arrived at the scene.

The unidentified 24-year-old also suffered from severe injuries, although they were able to be transported away from the immediate scene and to a nearby hospital. As for Pedro, his injuries were declared to be only minor. He himself prevented any further examination of his wounds by refusing to receive any medical treatment. On the other hand, he did comply with a field sobriety test and was deemed to be well above the legal blood-alcohol limit.

As the case now stands, the Alexandria Police charged Pedro in the death of his brother. The charges as they are currently known are those of manslaughter related to a DUI.